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Gameday Thread, #15: 4/19 vs Giants

Matt Cain, RHP (0-1, 5.73 ERA)
Brandon Webb, RHP (1-0, 2.14 ERA)

Tonight, it's a contest with all the makings of a Biblical epic: Cain vs. Able. For Webb has been, undoubtedly, the sole rock in the rotation so far, posting half our quality starts to date, and averaging seven innings per appearance. His hits have been a little high (opponents bat .259) and K's so far are down significantly, but his control has been impeccable, with just three walks in 21 innings. I loved the scouting report description, which said, "His sinkerball has been diving more than a seagull at a bread factory." Towards more picturesque speech, as Reader's Digest used to say - I think Steve Gilbert's blogging may be seeping into his "official" work. :-)

Cain is one of the hooks upon whom the Giants are hanging their future, but so far this year they'd have been better off banging a rusty nail into the wall - he's allowed 12 hits and five walks in eleven innings, though has fanned 13 in that time. It's possible (albeit still unlikely) that we might actually see Melvin go with the same lineup which started yesterday, since we won, and everyone got a hit. DaVanon has been productive when he has played (tied with Gonzo for the lead in RBIs, on ten), which may get him more playing time.

Should be around for most of this one, with no plans for major going outage. A Webb start is usually a sign of a good game to watch: let's hope the prophecy in Genesis 4 is off the mark tonight, and it's Cain who gets murdered, Webb using his sinking slingshot to slay the Giant(s). There you go: two Old Testament stories for the price of one. Shame Mulholland is on the DL, or we could have worked Methuselah in there as well...