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Gameday Thread, #13: 4/17 vs Giants

Jeff Fassero, LHP (1-0, 6.23)
Miguel Batista, RHP (1-0, 2.84)

First the good news. Tonight, we're facing a starting pitcher who is two months older than Terry Mulholland. However, Fassero has been better almost his entire career (ERA+ of 108, compared to Mulholland's 94), though he did also make it onto our list of Top 10 Least Significant Diamondbacks, for his one inning with us in 2004.

We send up Miguel Batista who has been the best of the starting pitchers not named "Webb" so far this season, managing to keep us in games better than his colleagues. After a taxing weekend for the bullpen, we'll be hoping for a quality start from Miggy, and I do fancy our chances of getting to Fassero. Gazing into my crystal ball, I see us taking an early lead, and holding on from there: 5-3 Diamondbacks.