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Gameday Thread, #9: 4/13 vs Rockies

Fogg (1-0, 4.50)
Ortiz (0-1, 4.50)

Early thread today, because - Woo-hoo! - it's our first trip to Chase Field of the season [not counting the US-Canada game during the WBC]. Be a chance to scope out exactly where our season tickets lie: they seem to be looking right up the third base line, but I don't know how far back on the lowest level they are. Am also taking Mrs. SnakePit out to Kincaid's for dinner beforehand, to celebrate the new season (and my upcoming birthday!), so a fine night is in prospect. Even if Russ Ortiz is pitching. :-)

Look! It's two pitchers who haven't faced each other already this season: Fogg's first outing was in San Diego, while Ortiz faced the Brewers. Both men allowed three earned runs over six innings in their opening starts, but Fogg got the win, while Ortiz took the loss as we went down 3-1 against Milwaukee. As we all know, it never does to be optimistic about an Ortiz start, and I'd rather be there tomorrow night for Webb vs. Pettite. But really, there's no such thing as a bad time at the ballpark, so I look forward to whatever the night may bring.

Things I want to see this evening
[apart from a Diamondbacks win, obviously...]

  • Russ Ortiz delivers a quality start...
  • Or, at least, does not allow 2 in the 1st.
  • Luis Gonzalez gets double #500.
  • Shawn Green gets a hit.
  • Conor Jackson gets to play.
  • O-Dog demonstrating why he got the Gold Glove.
  • No relievers named "Mulholland" or "Grimsley".
  • Jose Valverde pitching a perfect 9th. Or not at all.

I'll settle for any four of the above. Keep score for me. Report, with pictures - if I remember to take the camera - to follow tomorrow.