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Gameday Thread, #8: 4/12 vs. Rockies

Francis (0-1, 10.38)
Batista (1-0, 2.57)

Plans to attend tonight's game at Chase Field took a sudden, last-minute swerve when we discovered that our tickets were actually for, ah, tomorrow's game. Oops. Luckily, this was discovered while we were still here, rather than at the stadium gates... So, instead a trip to see Slither has been scheduled: at the moment, though, we're still working, and no showtime has been scheduled. Comments, therefore, may or may not follow. :-)

I'd be very happy to settle for a repeat of last Thursday's game, when the same two starters face off, and we rolled to an easy 12-5 victory. Batista was great, while Francis proved not such a hard nut to crack. Once more, with feeling, would be entirely satisfactory. However, as we saw last night, you can put the same two pitchers (and pretty much the same two teams) up against each other, less than a week apart, and the results can be very different. The Rockies adapted nicely for their second look at Hernandez, and Batista would do well to bear this in mind.