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Community Projections #3

Left Field

                 BA  OBP  SLG  OPS HR RBI
Luis Gonzalez  .270 .361 .451 .812 21  77

Luis Gonzalez has showed up to Spring Training looking remarkably buff, and vowing to prove that, age be damned, he still has it in him. I'd like to believe this, but as mentioned above, I think it's obvious Gonzo is no longer the cleanup hitter he once was. He'll still post a very decent OBP, but he'd be better suited to getting on base for the big boppers to come. It's also to be hoped that the marked drop-off in his performance over the second half of the season was not an indication of things to come.

Center Field

                 BA  OBP  SLG  OPS HR RBI
Eric Byrnes    .257 .320 .415 .735 13  55

I'll be honest: I'm not expecting much from Byrnes. Sure, he'll run around there enthusiastically enough, and will probably become a fan favourite, but I can't see him actually producing much, even with special platooning. Melvin has said that Byrnes could be the leadoff guy, if Counsell's injury doesn't sort itself out - I can't see how that'll work, because nothing except his speed makes him a good spark-plug. And if he doesn't get on base, his speed won't be much use. I know there was little on the market, but this is definitely a case of managing expectations: at best, he'll be okay, at worst, I fear we're looking at Cruz v2.0.

Right Field

                 BA  OBP  SLG  OPS HR RBI
Shawn Green    .274 .354 .469 .823 24  83

Green deserved much credit for his performance last year; not just for hitting .286 with 22 homers, but also shifting to center after the failures of everyone else we tried there. However, his signing still remains one of the bigger mistakes in post-2001 history, and is the main hairball which will will be clogging up the corner outfield for years to come. If they could find someone to take his contract off our hands, I imagine the D'backs would do so in a heartbeat. However, we're stuck with him, and the results will be tolerable - though likely badly overpaid.