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Okay, enough with the rain already...

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Judging by Otacon's comment, seems like yesterday's game for the D'backs was more of a chore than a pleasure, not quite enjoying the balmy spring temperatures usually associated with an Arizona spring. A 12-11 loss, which is about what you'd probably predict, given our torrid hitting and the fact that it was Russ Ortiz who got the start.

As John just independently noted in a comment on yesterday's entry, calls three runs on five hits in four innings from Russ, "a useful tuneup." I call it around the normal level of anticipated suckage, especially against a "largely anonymous", according to the Banana, Mariners lineup. And, for John, today's quote from Russ (also from the Rep but I can't find an online link): "My objective today was, let's attack those guys, get them to swing the bats early." Mission accomplished, Russ.

Mind you, it was a Cy Young-worthy performance compared to Brandon Lyon, who allowed twice as many runs as he got outs, on five hits and walk in an inning of work, helping us blow an 8-3 lead. Jeff Bajenaru made his first appearance for us - what kept him? Didn't that deal go down like four days ago? It's not as if he had far to travel, seeing as the Sox are all the way, ah, on the other side of Tucson Electric Park. Anyway, he notched a K to escape a bases-loaded jam, then allowing an unearned run the next frame. Mulholland allowed two runs over his 1 1/3 innings on three hits and two walks, while Viscaino pitched a scoreless ninth.

Thirteen hits, but again, our plate patience was worthy of applause, as we notched up nine bases on ball. So far, Conor Jackson and Jeff Davanon are the free-pass masters, with six walks in 24 plate appearances, and seven in 21 respectively - the latter has an OBP of .714. Alex Frazier went 3-for-4, with two RBIs and a pair of runs scored, while Andy Green had four RBIs, including a three-run homer.

Thanks to the rain, that was the only full Cactus League game to take place, though the Rockies-Sox put together a "B" game, also down in Tucson. The Giants-A's sellout at Phoenix Muni was cancelled: more proof that God hates the Giants, just like everyone else. :-) And, as expected, we wave goodbye to Justin Upton, who was reassigned to minor league camp, along with Jarred Ball and Marland Williams. But I feel fairly confident that this will probably not be the last we hear of at least one of the trio.

Very interesting piece in the Banana on Johnny Estrada, who has the words, "No drugs" stitched into every piece of his catcher's equipment. Seems he was scared straight after some trouble with authority (including getting expelled from school for shooting a fellow pupil with a pellet-gun), by a chat with his grandfather. Who spent 14 years behind bars for murder, so would seem to have been an authority on the subject of "trouble"...