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AZ Broadcast Schedule Up

Broadcast Schedule [PDF]

145 regular-season games will be on TV, up a little from last year - Brennaman and Grace will be doing those, both on FSN and Channel 3 in Phoenix, with Matt Williams popping in occasionally. March 14th on Fox Sports Arizona is the first chance to see our D'backs, when they take on the White Sox in Tucson. Two other spring-training games will also be televised, the 26th's against the Cubs, as is the 31st against the Yankees at Chase Field.

Radio (mostly KTAR, 620 AM in Phoenix) will have every game during the season, plus eleven pre-season games, beginning with the opener on March 2nd [three weeks tomorrow, folks! Wheeee! :-)] Greg Schulte will be the play-by-play man there, as he has been every year, while he's joined by Tom Candiotti as color commentator [I presume, though they don't say, that this is the renowned knuckleballer - albeit perhaps most "renowed" for one 1997 inning in which he hit three opposing batters and threw two passed balls] Jeff Munn does the pre- and post-game coverage. The games will also be broadcast in Spanish on Radio Fiesta 1400 AM, KSUN.

Today's question is, therefore, do we like our broadcast teams? And if so, which do we prefer, radio or TV? It's kinda hard for me to say, having very limited experience of any others: since coming to America, I've only lived in Phoenix. My only experience of other announcers has been on the occasional road-trip, and now I've got XM Radio, I get the chance to hear a broader spectrum, even on D'backs games, since they always go with the home team feed.

Still, I have little or no background in which to drop Brennaman, Schulte, etc. I feel the skill-sets necessary are different: radio, you've got to be the eyes of the audience, while on TV, you don't need to document every play as much. But am keen to hear other people's opinions, as they're likely to be more informed than mine!