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Fantasy Foreplay

Last year, back while AZ Snakepit was still a gleam in Blez's eye, I ran a friendly Yahoo fantasy baseball league for readers of my previous blog, But It's a Dry Heat. Winner of the inaugural go-around was Stephen B, whose No Necks No Names overhauled William K's Blah Blah Blah team in the final weekend: Random Fandom's Stefan was third, and I staged a stirring second-half fightback to finish fourth.

With spring training just around the corner, I see that Yahoo have opened the doors again, and I'll be looking to run a league once more. First rights to spots go to those who played last year: if you did, and want to take part again, drop me a line (email at right, under 'Contact Me') and I'll make sure you get an pre-season invite. Beyond that, feel free to add a comment below if you're interested: it'll help me work out how many slots to make in the league.

I am also open to discussion on the various settings. Rotisserie or head-to-head? All MLB, or NL-only? Should we limit the number of roster changes? ["Noooooooooo!" shrieks Stephen B, who made no less that 121 moves over the season] How many DL spots and bench players should we allow? One catcher spot or two? The Yahoo league, nicely, lets all these things get configured, so if you have any preferences, I'm happy to take them into account. I presume Autopick Draft rather than Live Online, given the continent-spanning nature of visitors. :-) But plenty of time yet, as I won't be drafting until about a week before Opening Day.

Tangentially related, an interesting article over at Out in the Desert, where Richard Nickerson looks at buying D'backs season tickets. And decides not to bother, opting for Coyotes tickets instead. Can't say I blame him for doing so, after discovering the sniper behind the grassy knoll: to get the best seats, you have to pay $19,500 for a "Personal Seat License" in addition to the cost of the season ticket. Ouch.

While you could no doubt recoup chunks by selling off unwanted tickets, I don't have the necessary liquid cash floating around to do so - nor, I suspect the time and energy necessary to maximise the return. I'm happier with our minority share (an eighth) in a pair of tickets; the effort is limited to writing a check, and a get-together (the Saturday after next) where we pick the games we want to attend. And given I can only go to games Tue-Thu, that should pose no particularly stressful challenge.

The PSL is an interesting contrast to the situation in the upper decks, where the Diamondbacks are, literally, giving season tickets away. Fans who buy two 2006 season tickets anywhere in Nosebleed Alley, will receive a further two season tickets free. If you've ever seen the prairie-like expanses - populated only by tumbleweed - in the upper decks, you'll understand the reasoning. I've been to a couple of games up there, and you're so far from the action you might as well stay home and watch TV. Might as well give them away, and hope they buy a few overpriced sodas and hot-dogs.