State of the Diamondbacks Fans Nation

I am back in town for the holidays this week (I moved to DC in August) and am shocked listening to local sports radio talk about our D-Backs.

Having been away, my main source of Diamondbacks news has been this blog, google news alerts, and  From these sources, I had not picked up on what I am gathering from the radio as INTENSE fan disatisfaction with management.

In the snakepit nation I feel there is near consensus on the direction of the club.  Some of us want a little more action, we disagree some on who we should trade or go after, but all in all - we are excited about the future and support managements disciplined quest to rescue this battleship from that mysterious cliff.

Clearly we are a unique bunch.  From my one week back, it seems that the uni changes, the departure of gonzo (who one radio station has on a promo trashing his recent team within days of signing with the blue),and the lack of big money aquisitions has our fan base pretty pissed.

So ... I am writing this diary to ask you two things:

  1. What is your take on the state of our diamondbacks?

  2. What do your friends, coworkers, and even those you come in contact with that are maybe paying a little less attention think about the team?

I have a poll below for YOUR opinion, but please post in the comments a little explanation for how you voted (if you vote).  Also, since I can't do two polls per diary, be sure to use the comments to talk about how the general fan nation is viewing this team.

I am just very curious if the animosity I have been picking up on is real ... or just something talk radio is trying to cook up.