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SB Nation Baseball Awards: Manager of the Year

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As with the Rookie of the Year announced yesterday, the SportsBlogs Nation also voted for the Manager of the Year in the two leagues. Here's the results in the National League, followed by the ballots from the Arizona jury:

Jim William
1. Joe Girardi Joe Girardi
2. Charlie Manuel Bruce Bochy
3. Willie Randolph Grady Little

Girardi was the clear winner, both here and overall, thanks to his amazing feat of producing a team of contenders from a bunch of scrubs that could have been funded with the spare change A-Rod dumps onto his bedside table each night. Never mind Manager of the Year, I think this deserves to be considered one of the greatest magic tricks since Houdini was operating, and gives great hopes to the lushly-funded D'backs (four times the Marlins payroll) for 2007 and beyond. A lot more divergence down the line past Girardi, with ten of the fifteen other managers receiving votes, and four of them getting first-place votes.

Oh, and I do not know who voted for Bob Melvin. It wasn't me. It wasn't William. I don't think it was anyone who has been closer to Arizona than 30,000 feet above it. I have asked the guilty SportsBlogs party to step forward and receive appropriate corrective action (probably involving a saguaro cactus) but as yet no-one has 'fessed up for some reason. Brandi from Purple Row is similarly perplexed by the vote for Clint Hurdle. Actually, I think both men might be legitimate contenders in 2007, even though I doubt Melvin at least will be any better. Put it this way, I could probably manage the 2007 D'backs and get Manager of the Year votes. But no love for Dusty Baker? :-) Moving on to the American League:

A bit more uniformity in the American League, where only four men scored more than a single point. Surprised to see the departed Macha was not higher: I think he'd have got my vote in the AL. Gardenhire did his usual sterling work with the Twins, but I'm not certain whether the Tigers are the real thing. A little bit as with the 2007 D'backs, I think Leyland was the lucky recipient of a lot of talent, and just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I don't think any Yankees manager ever deserves to win Manager of the Year with their current resources. Well, if they managed to go 162-0, they might merit a vote. Third-place though...