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Zen and the art of doing nothing

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There goes a moment, vanishing into the darkness of history. We shall not see its like again. But there goes another one. And another. Seconds pass steadily from in front of me to the rear-view mirror of life. Strange how returning to employment makes you cling desperately on to every moment of your weekend, like a catcher attempting to snag a knuckleball - and usually with about as much success. So I sit here, wanting to do both nothing and everything; there's a pile of stuff I should work on, yet that just makes it seem too much like...well, work.

I think I'll procrastinate a little longer, perhaps do a little light Internet surfing, discuss with Mrs. SnakePit whether to go see the new Bond flick tomorrow morning, that kind of thing. For there's not much on the Diamondbacks front to talk about; I'm sure any trade talks are probably winding down for a break over Thanksgiving, so if we don't hear anything Monday or Tuesday, that will probably be it until December. Nobody really wants to discuss contract options when there is turkey to be basted. Though it'd be nice to wake up Thursday morning and find we have a new #2 pitcher to be thankful for.

Today does see the championship match in the Arizona Fall League, which will mark the beginning of the Dark Ages here - no baseball for more than three months. Not that I actually got round to going to any games this year, but it's the principle of the thing that counts. Now it's gone, I feel pangs of regret at having missed the opportunity...though that's perhaps as much caused by regret at missing the chance to go to the excellent curry house not far from Phoenix Muni stadium. Discovered that one before our AFL jaunt last year, and have wanted to go back ever since, but opportunity hasn't knocked as yet.

Speaking of extra-mural baseball, bit of a spat seems to be brewing on the Spring Training front. It's not just the Cactus League luring teams from the Grapefruit League in Florida, but also locations in Arizona trying to take teams from another. Goodyear got Cleveland to commit to moving from Florida, but the city want another team to share the facility, as that way, they'll get more taxpayer dollars. Meanwhile, Glendale have got letters of intent from the Dodgers and White Sox to occupy their new facility, slated to be ready by 2009, and which could be in the same area of town as the Cardinals' and Coyotes' venues.

The LA move makes sense. the Dodgers' presence on the East Coast dating back to when the franchise was in Brooklyn; they've been an obvious candidate to move closer to home, for many years. But it's the White Sox re-location from Tucson Electric Park to Glendale that may become a nasty fight. Tucson doesn't want them to go, since they draw more fans than both the Diamondbacks, with whom they share the venue, and the Sidewinders. And in order to leave, the White Sox must find a replacement tenant with "equivalent economic impact and similar drawing power," or pay the $28m stadium debt. The Indians were potential candidates - until they aligned themselves with Goodyear.

However, a big questionmark is whether there are enough tax dollars in the kitty to fund two new facilities, or if the two cities will end up competing against each other for one set of money. Certainly, a park which has two teams committed to play there would seem a better candidate than one for a "sole tenant", such as is currently the case in Goodyear, though the White Sox moving up the I-10 is, as noted, contingent on other factors. Glendale's best hope seemed to involve Goodyear's plans failing, sending the Indians to Tucson and getting the Sox. Except, Cleveland have said, if they don't go to Goodyear, they'll stay in Florida. Stay tuned, folks: this could get very ugly.

That'll do for just now, I think. More to follow tomorrow; normally, Sunday won't be a day off, but my new schedule (Sun-Thu, 12:30-9pm, dove-tailing nicely with Mrs. SnakePit's) doesn't start until Monday, so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!