The VIII (not Ben) Predict A Free Agent contest!

Just for fun, at the suggestion of VIII - and not Ben at all, no sir :-) Here are some of the free agents in the 2006-07 off-season: we want you to tell us where you think they will end up. The first list of ten eleven are all from the NL West; figured we should concentrate on those, as they're the players we're most familiar with. You score a point for a correct prediction of the team that signs them, but get double points for any of the Diamondbacks players. The second list are five of the biggest names outside the NL West: you get double points for those as well.

No particular end-date, but obviously, as players sign up, they'll be removed from the list. There is therefore an element of timing involved here: the longer you leave it, the more information you will have on which to make your guess. But leave it too late, the player will have signed, and you'll score a big, fat zero. The max. score will be 24 points (8 x 1, plus 3 D-backs at 2 points, and five outside the NL West, also worth two), but given the number of teams concerned, if anyone even hits double figures, I'll be impressed.

  1. Barry Bonds - Giants
  2. Miguel Batista - Mariners
  3. Mike Cameron - Padres
  4. Damion Easley - Mets
  5. Eric Gagne - Rangers
  6. Nomar Garciaparra - Dodgers
  7. Luis Gonzalez - Dodgers
  8. Greg Maddux - Padres
  9. Mike Piazza - A's
  10. Dave Roberts - Giants
  11. Jason Schmidt - Dodgers
  1. Jim Edmonds - Cardinals
  2. Tom Glavine - Mets
  3. Mike Mussina - Yankees
  4. Frank Thomas - Blue Jays
  5. Barry Zito
Current standings
  1. nihil67: 8 pts
  2. johngordonma: 6 pts
  3. npineda: 3 pts
    VIII: 3 pts
  4. Jim McLennan: 1 pt