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AZ 4, Pirates 2 - In Which We + Pittsburgh Both Suck Slightly Less

Record: 63-77. Change on last season: +21

The Transporter 2 is a nice, mindless action movie, albeit slightly disappointing, given the original was one of the more pleasant surprises of 2003. This time, the credibility is near-zero, thanks to a story that has a Colombian drug cartel embarking on a hideously complex plot to kill the anti-drug ministers of about eight countries, involving the kidnapping of offspring and biological weaponry. What, a rocket-propelled grenade isn't theatrical enough?

Of course, it's up to hero Frank (Jason Statham) to save the day, with a variety of well-staged martial-arts sequences, staged by renowned HK choreographer, Corey Yuen. Between this and the car-chases, it feels like a mission in Grand Theft Auto, and is about as plausible. But any film which features a bikini-clad henchwoman in stiletto heels, going berserk with two automatic weapons simultaneously - above, as if you hadn't already noticed - can not be condemned out of hand. Statham brings a nice presence to the screen, and one wonders if he might have made a nice blue-collar Bond.

I'm sorry if you wanted to hear about tonight's game; the above is what I was doing instead of watching it. And since tomorrow's game starts at the utterly ungodly hour of 9:35 am, Arizona time, I need to get this up here now - I certainly won't be doing much before first pitch Thursday. However, this does leave me somewhat limited, since many of my usual sources of information have either not appeared yet, or have fairly bare-bones reports. But let's give it a shot, shall we?

Good outing by Webb: seven innings, seven hits, one walk and two earned runs. He also helped the Diamondbacks' cause at the plate, driving in a run with a single, his second RBI of the year that sent his season average soaring to .075, above both Halsey and Vargas among our starters. [Though he's got a long way to go to match Vazquez (.226) and Ortiz (.233) - the latter is above Hill, McCracken, Jackson and Snyder]

Worrell and Valverde then tidied up, extending the bullpen's scoreless streak - their recent line is 11.1 IP, 6 H, 3 BB, 13 K, 0 ER. However, Valverde has now thrown 59 pitches in two days: I was surprised to see him today, and can't imagine he'll be used at all tomorrow. But at least the rest of the bullpen should be nicely rested.

Offensively, not a great deal here again; a little better at the plate, with nine hits in total, and seven walks (three for Glaus). However, no home-runs, and 11 men left on base: Terrero left seven, going 0-for-5. The Green boys - Shawn and Andy - had a good night, combining for three hits, three of our four runs and two RBIs. Counsell also had two hits, so hopefully he'll come out of his recent dire slump.

Thanks to Otacon for holding the fort in my absence, with assistance from Devin and azdb7. Devin points out that the Diamondbacks are now 2-0 since we put Chris's advert up there. Long may that continue. Heck, we're still not of this one yet - if only the Rockies can come back against the Padres over the last couple of inn... No. Let's not start all that up again, shall we? We are out of it: just enjoy the young players and whatever they may bring to the game, good, bad or indifferent.

At least the likes of Green and Jackson look as if they're still playing for something (largely, because they are). Certain veterans I could mention - not all, but some of them - appear to be dialing in their performances over the past couple of games: I know it's a long season, but hey, even I try to bring something fresh to the party every day. Even if it's a cynical attempt to grab some more visitors by the posting of an entirely irrelevant girls-with-guns pic. ;-)

Preview of tomorrow's dawn patrol to follow; that'll be my fifth post of the day here, which I'd like to think shows my work ethic remains undiminished at least!

Oh, and a good start to the playoffs for both minor-league Diamondback affiliates. Lancaster beat the High Desert Mavericks 8-5, thanks largely to a grand slam from Alex Frazier, while South Bend beat the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays 3-2, Kellen Raab pitching seven innings of one-run ball. Both now have the upper-hand in the best-of-three first round series. More coverage over at Baby Backs: TNG.