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Gameday Thread, #138: 9/4 vs. Giants

Cain (0-1, 3.60)
Ortiz (5-8, 6.82)

  1. Craig Counsell, 2B
  2. Alex Cintron, 3B
  3. Luis Gonzalez, LF
  4. Tony Clark, 1B
  5. Shawn Green, CF
  6. Chad Tracy, RF
  7. Royce Clayton, SS
  8. Chris Snyder, C
  9. Russ Ortiz, P

It's nice to see Arizona being kind to other teams' rookies: in this case, giving wunderkind Matt Cain - the second-youngest player in the majors - every chance to get his first major-league win, by putting him up against Russ Ortiz. Welcome to Arizona: who could ask for a better present than that?

Okay: that's perhaps a little harsh: last time out, Ortiz was mediocre, allowing seven hits and three runs over 5 2/3 innings to take the (only) win over San Diego. But mediocrity is a big improvement over what we'd seen in the starts before that. However, the way our offense has been playing since then, averaging less than four runs per game, mediocrity might not be enough.

No Glaus in the lineup; I think they're hoping between that and the off-day tomorrow, his knee will be better by Tuesday. His spot goes to Alex Cintron, with Clayton being dropped down to 7th. Somehow, I feel this is not a lineup calculated to strike much fear in the hearts of opposing pitchers, even 20-year old rookies making their second appearance.

Will be around for the first 2-3 innings, before heading off to work. If anyone can summon up the enthusiasm to join me, you'll be very welcome. You know what to do. ;-)