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Gameday Thread, #160: 9/30 vs. Giants

Vargas (9-9, 5.27)
Cain (2-1, 2.03)

The final series against the Giants, and second-place is still up for grabs. Two wins from three would give it to us - one win would leave us with the same W/L record, but in the unofficial tie-breaker, the Giants own the season series against us (5-10 with three to go). So we need another victory to end all doubt.

Melvin has juggled the rotation a bit: Ortiz is not getting to appear again, which is a blessed relief. We send up Vargas, Vazquez and Webb in this series, which is pretty much our best three starters. Tonight, Vargas faces Cain, and we get to see the future of the Giants rotation: the word on Cain is impressive, and has an ERA of barely two in forty innings, so Vargas might have his work cut out for him.