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Gameday Thread, #159: 9/29 vs. Dodgers

Nippert (0-0, 7.45)
Perez (7-8, 4.73)

Welcome the town of Futility, AZ. Population: us. Yes, the first truly meaningless game of the year, unless you consider duelling the Giants for second place a worthwhile endeavour - it's really a light thrill at best, no matter how satisfying on a shallow level.

Nippert gets his third (and final) start of the season, still looking for his first major-league decision either way. So far, I've been impressed with his raw stuff, but I'm not convinced he wouldn't be better served with a spell in Triple-A at the start of next season, to add polish and control. He faces Odalis Perez, another disappointment in the Dodgers rotation, as we try to beat LA for the eighth straight time. Like I said, light thrills...

I will not be present, as we're off the Celebrity Theater to see Henry Rollins, former front man of punk icon Black Flag, though tonight is his spoken word stuff, a mix of rants, satire and personal experiences that is probably one of the inspirations for this blog. Should be fun.