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Gameday Thread, #158: 9/28 vs. Dodgers

Estes (7-8, 4.75)
Houlton (6-9, 5.24)

The technically-not-quite eliminated yet D'backs are still trying their hardest, so Dustin Nippert's scheduled start has been postponed until it no longer matters - which probably only means "tomorrow", unless the Padres lose and we win. Instead it's Shawn Estes, who has been a bit up and down since his return. This is his last start before he becomes a free agent again: I presume he won't be re-signed for next year (Vargas most likely replacing him), but he'll want a good performance to take, at least subliminally, into negotiations.

But I still don't think this one will be 2-0, not least because the Dodgers do still send up a rookie, in D.J.Houlton. We faced him back in July, and largely enjoyed the experience, tagging Houlton for six runs in two innings of work, with Shawn Green going 4-for-4. We have a shot at a club record tonight: currently, the team has played 81 errorless innings. If they can get through this evening without screwing up, they'll pass the previous best of 89 1/3, set earlier this year. [Unless they lose and the Dodgers don't have to bat in the ninth, in which case...oh, work it out yourself!]

The 2006 schedule for Arizona has been published. We open on Monday 3rd April in Colorado, then have a day off: our first home game is also vs. the Rockies on April 11th. We end the season with 15 straight vs. our divisional rivals, finishing for the year on October 1st against the Padres at Chase Field. Playoffs excepted, of course... :-)