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Gameday Thread, #153: 9/22 vs. Dodgers

Weaver (14-10, 4.24)
Estes (7-8, 4.76)

Unlike last time we had a chance to go for a sweep, in Colorado, we don't have our Underperforming Starter (TM), Russ Ortiz, taking the mound, so we actually have a chance here. Neither LA starter has gone more than three frames so far this series, but in the 12 2/3 innings we've faced their relievers, we've only scored two runs, so I don't know whether to hope for another early exit tonight or not.

But it might be us who are making an early call to the bullpen, if Estes performs as poorly as last outing; he lasted just 2 2/3 innings, allowing seven runs, as the Brewers hammered us 14-2. Let's hope for better. I certainly should be able to deliver a few more comments - not that I could provide any less than yesterday - as Chris is making her famous lasagne, which means I won't be going anywhere the rest of the night.

Er, I'd best explain that. It's so good, the inevitable second helping leads to inertia on a massive scale: I reckon they should feed a plateful or three to the hurricane currently menacing Galveston. It would them simply do the cyclonic equivalent of slumping on the couch, somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, while holding its stomach and moaning gently to itself. Thus, comments will largely be dependent on me summoning the strength to type...