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Gameday Thread, #148: 9/16 vs. Rockies

Day (1-3, 6.89)
Nippert (0-0, 5.40)

The Rockies again. Only seems like a few days since we last faced them. Oh, that's because it is, isn't it? At this time of year, with very little left to play for, I kinda wish we could fast forward to the end of the year. At least in 2004, we were playing for some kind of pride, and to avoid a spot in the all-time worst teams roster - and went 8-10 over the last eighteen games, thereby not ending up at 48-114 or thereabouts.

Now, it's just all so...bleah. Will anyone on the team hit .300? [I'm looking hopefully in your direction, Shawn Green] Can Glaus surpass Jay Bell for second on the franchise list for homers in one season? Will Brandon Webb become our first 14-game winner not named "Randy" or "Curt" since Omar Daal in 1999? These are hardly enthralling dramas.

But we're fans, so we'll try to be enthusiastic as our boys attempt to rebound from what seems like an endless line of blowout losses - the nineteenth of the year by seven runs or more. Any lost, even by one run, would finally end our chances of reaching .500 for the year, so I guess that's something to aim for...