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Gameday Thread, #112: 8/5 vs. Rockies

Francis (10-7, 5.16)
Gosling (0-2, 3.68)

Unfortunately, yesterday's result mean we can no longer leave town clear at the top of the NL West - we're two games behind San Diego, with just two left on the homestand. What is it with this team? We're the only side in the National League, with a better record on the road than at home.

At least we're facing an equally contrary pitcher this afternoon in Jeff Francis - he may lead NL rookies in wins, but his ERA in Denver (3.59) is a lot better than when he pitches on the road (6.94) - that makes about as much sense as us having more wins away from home than at Bank One Ballpark. Which factor will prove more important?

We send up Gosling, who has a perilous BB/K ratio (15:12) and has yet to win this year, but has managed, somehow, to avoid problems. He's allowed five earned runs in four starts, covering 21.1 innings, which is a pretty good end result - he also kept the walks under control last time, only giving up one in 5.1 innings.

A must-win game? Probably borders on it, especially if the Padres win too. Let's hope our hitting shows up on time today, rather than waiting till the seventh innings.