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Gameday Thread, #109: 8/3 vs. Astros

Astacio (1-4, 7.17)
Vazquez (9-9, 4.29)

I've been remiss with writing film reviews for my other project this week, and as a result am backlogged with everything from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Broken Lizard's Club Dread. I'm going to attempt to get the decks cleared of those, and so this preview will be a) relatively early, and b) short.

Today's match-up looks a sight more favourable to us than last night, with Astacio nursing a hefty ERA - though in his defense, he has pitched much better in his last few starts. He also has the advantage of unfamiliarity over us, in that no Diamondbacks has more than one at-bat against him; not that the Astros are all that more aware of Vazquez, with only Berkman and Biggio having double-figures, and without much success (a combined .222).

A later start for this game, thanks to ESPN2's coverage; that's good, as we've to go see our son in a comedy contest in Tempe. He's scheduled on at 7:30, so I'm hoping to be home in time to see the latter half of this one, and catch a chunk more on the radio. If last night's optimism was perhaps more in hope than genuine expectation, tonight is definitely one we can win.