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Gameday Thread, #127: 8/23 vs. Mets

Zambrano (6-10, 4.24)
Vargas (7-6, 4.47)

  1. Craig Counsell, 2B
  2. Chad Tracy, RF
  3. Luis Gonzalez, LF
  4. Tony Clark, 1B
  5. Troy Glaus, 3B
  6. Shawn Green, CF
  7. Alex Cintron, SS
  8. Kelly Stinnett, C
  9. Claudio Vargas, P

At the risk of smacking down a curse upon his head, Vargas has been our ace over the past couple of months, and is easily the most reliable in our rotation - three earned runs or less in ten straight starts. [If that rates 10/10, our other starters' marks are as follows: Javy Vazquez 6/10; Brad Halsey 6/10; Brandon Webb 5/10; Russ Ortiz 2/10, must try harder]

Zambrano's record is a mediocre 6-10, but one of those wins came against Arizona earlier in the year, when he allowed one run over eight innings in Shea Stadium, so he's no pushover. I should be around for most of this one, so - having rediscovered my enthusiasm (or a convincing facsimile thereof), will be cheering on our boys.