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Gameday Thread, #124: 8/20 vs. Reds

Vazquez (9-12, 4.85)
Harang (8-11, 3.89)

Well, it can't get any worse than yesterday, can it. Can it? Cue much nervous mumbling, shuffling and staring at feet from the Arizona dugout. Hey, we've got our "ace" on the mound today! Ah, yes: our ace. The one getting paid $11m this year. [Do you know how much Vargas cost us? $20K. K, not M] The one ranked =46th of 52 qualifying pitchers for ERA in the NL. The one whom, according to our poll, 92% of fans think should be traded.

No wonder it's with some trepidation I placed Vazquez in my fantasy lineup for today? Much like the Diamondbacks, however, he has swung wildly between great and awful, though lately, it's been leaning towards the latter - none worse than last time, when he allowed nine runs in two innings against the Braves.

We need Vazquez to come back and deliver one of his better performance, to rid ourselves of the memory of yesterday. And also because the Padres have already won, blowing their game open with five two-out runs in the 13th against Atlanta. Victory here is thus doubly-important.