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Gameday Thread, #120: 8/16 vs. Cardinals

Halsey (8-8, 3.96)
Suppan (11-8, 4.12)

Okay, so the Cardinals just lost three of four in Chicago, to the Cubs...whom we took three of four from, in Chicago, not so long ago. So we should easily take this series, right?

[Uncomfortable pause]

Of course, it's not likely to be that easy, as the Cardinals remain the best team in the NL, cruising towards the playoffs with the grace and ease of a dolphin, while we flail around in the shallow end of the pool [a.k.a. the NL West], trying desperately to find direction.

However, at least we don't face Chris Carpenter, and we might actually have the pitching edge today. Suppan and Halsey have pitched almost the same number of innings [Suppan has 1.1 more], but Halsey has fewer walks, more strikeouts and a better ERA. He also has the advantage of unfamiliarity, in that none of the Cardinals have ever faced him - Clayton, Clark and Glaus have almost a hundred at-bats between them against Suppan, and all three are at .290 or better.

And I've just been handed today's line-up:

  1. Craig Counsell, 2B
  2. Royce Clayton, SS
  3. Luis Gonzalez, LF
  4. Tony Clark, 1B
  5. Troy Glaus, 3B
  6. Shawn Green, CF
  7. Chad Tracy, RF
  8. Kelly Stinnett, C
  9. Brad Halsey, P

No place for Jackson again; the three hitters previously mentioned all get to start. Stinnett's hot bat keeps him in the lineup, though his veteran presence might well help a young pitcher like Halsey. Let's see what happens, shall we?