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Gameday Thread, #116: 8/11 vs. Marlins

Webb (9-8, 3.91)
Moehler (6-9, 3.79)

Bob Melvin's Things to Do List

  • Show Rookie of the Year to players for educational purposes.
  • Prepare "Russ Ortiz concedes six earned runs" speech for Saturday.
  • Hire Stevie Wonder as third-base coach.
  • Pick up worn-out relievers off waiver wire.
  • Work out how to have all nine players out of position.
  • Declare BOB upper decks National Wilderness Area.
  1. Craig Counsell, 2B
  2. Chad Tracy, RF
  3. Luis Gonzalez, LF
  4. Tony Clark, 1B
  5. Troy Glaus, 3B
  6. Shawn Green, CF
  7. Royce Clayton, SS
  8. Kelly Stinnett, C
  9. Brandon Webb, P

Oh, look: Luis Terrero not getting the start in center-field. What are the odds agains that? After the humilation of yesterday's game, if called upon to pinch-hit today, I expect him to go to the plate with a paper-bag on his head. The Unknown Outfielder...

Say what you like about our performances, this is proving a very well-scheduled road-trip, at least as far as fitting in with my life goes. 4pm games give me the change to watch it over dinner, while Saturday and Sunday's morning starts mean I can see them before going to work. Of course, please be advised that things might get out of synch, with Friday's report not going up until Saturday's game is already underway - such are the perils of working till 1:30 am.

Today, we aim to win the final game - we've done that for the past five series, and nine of the previous ten. So cause for optimism there. Webb took a 9-2 loss last time he faced the Marlins, but was much better over the couple of starts since. Moehler has pitched better than his 6-9 record would indicate, but has a 1-6 record at home.

But to describe today's expectations as "low" would be an understatement. The way we've played the past couple of games, we couldn't beat our Double-AA affiliate. My original prediction of 4-8 for this trip currently looks like whistling in the teeth of a firing squad. 2-10, anyone? Anyone?