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Gameday Thread, #89: 7/9 vs. Reds

Claussen (4-6, 3.64)
Webb (8-5, 3.36)

The Reds have yet to win a road series this year, but taking the opener from under our noses like that has got to give them a huge advantage. That was only their tenth win away from home this year, so this was not the way we wanted to start off against them. It was the kind of defeat that sucks away all enthusiasm, and leaves me wondering why it isn't the All-Star break already.

Today, at least we send up Mr. Reliable, Brandon Webb, who has still not yet allowed four runs in a game this season. Mind you, when was the last time we scored four runs in a game? Not in the five on this homestand so far - ten runs in total. Indeed, in the last twenty games, it's only happened on four occasions. [But we are 4-0 in that spell when scoring more than three runs. Go us] Webb leads the rotation in wins and ERA, so I'm hopeful we'll win this one. Just don't expect any hits with runners in scoring position: "bloop and a blast" has been our modus operandi recently.

And a "Hello!" - albeit, after last night's game, through slightly gritted teeth - to our Sportsblogs colleagues over at Red Reporter, who are ploughing the Cincinnati furrow this year.