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Gameday Thread, #88: 7/8 vs. Cardinals

Ortiz (4-6, 6.59)
Halsey (5-7, 4.41)

Neither tonight nor tomorrow's games are on TV - not that it particularly bothers me, since I'm working both days. At least it levels the playing field, since we'll all have to rely on second-hand descriptions of events; whether it's on the radio, or through very small Gamecast windows, tucked away on the bottom of your screen. Or, as my legal advisor tells me, not able to follow the game at all because you're far too busy, feverishly beavering away for the greater glory of Go Daddy. :-)

R.Ortiz takes the mound tonight - but in case you're thinking you'd dozed off and missed six weeks, that's Ramon Ortiz of the Reds. He's their Claudio Vargas, in that he's the beneficiary of help from his offense: despite an 8.00 ERA over his past seven starts, he's gone 3-3. Meanwhile, our guy, Brad Halsey, has only won once since May and went 0-5 in June, but was not too dreadful in his last game, allowing three runs over 5 1/3 innings in LA. And no-one on the Reds roster has ever faced him which, as we know, can be an advantage.