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Gameday Thread, #86: 7/6 vs. Cardinals

Carpenter (12-4, 2.60)
Vazquez (7-7, 4.75)

I fear I applied the kiss of death to Vazquez for the season, trading for him on my fantasy team - albeit only for my backup catcher, who was getting no playing time anyway. But if he sucks tonight, you know who to blame. Not that I expect him to win: the Cardinals have shown why they are undisputed favourites to repeat as NL Pennant winners - and if they do, I suspect they won't get swept 4-0 in the World Series this time.

It's weird; I almost find myself hoping we continue to play badly, driving a stake through the illusion of Diamondback playoff hopes. As is, I peer nervously into the sports section every morning, half-expecting to see Joe Jr. gloating over having traded Q + J for 'All-Star and proven winner' Danys Baez. However, part of the problem is, playing badly might not stop us from winning the division; I mean, can someone - anyone! - just take control of the NL West?

Anyway, Clark, hitting .407 off Carpenter (11-for-27), might get the start at first base. I'll likely be around, at least to start with, but I've been having severe AOL connection issues today (yes, I know - that's pretty much a self-inflicted injury!), so it all depends. In any case, going by the past couple of games, this will likely be over by the fifth. So comment early, comment often!