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Gameday Thread, #83: 7/3 vs. Dodgers

Halsey (4-7, 4.37)
Houlton (4-1, 5.44)

Houlton = who? = we'll struggle. For this is a man with precisely five career starts in the majors, and we've seen far too often this season that our scouting of people like him is well short of adequate. At least he's right-handed, which might help reduce the way he tears through our line-up.

Looking on the bright side, we actually have a chance to win this series, but it will depend on Brad Halsey being more effective than he has been: he's only had one quality start since May. Though his last couple have been not too embarrassing, given he is supposed to be our number five starter. I'd say there's likely no particular edge in this matchup; maybe we should wear our batting practice jerseys again, and take some more batting practice? :-)

And I'd like to announce the results of our fan poll to decide who will be the AZ representative at the All-Star Game! A roll on the drums, please - and in reverse order:

  • 4th place: Luis Gonzalez
  • 2nd= place: Javier Vazquez + Brandon Webb
  • WINNER: Craig Counsell

A worthy choice, one deserving of a place; let's hope this provides a hint of things to come.