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AZ 3, Brewers 0 - Hits? We don't need no steenkeen' hits?

Record: 49-54. Change on last season: +16

Hey, three runs is more than we've scored in six of the past seven. So what if they came on a wild pitch and two errors? All that means is, we now lead the NL in Opposition Errors with Runners in Scoring Position. :-) But how often does a team win a game by three runs, without having a single RBI?

A thoroughly entertaining bunch of commentators during the game, despite the start time being during regular work hours. Or perhaps readers here, like me, have unusual schedules...or perhaps they sneak off while supposedly gainfully employed? Best not enquire too closely there, I feel. Thanks to Englishdback (for whom I guess this was actually an evening game!), Devin and Otacon for joining me at the series finale.

Definitely not a game that will be remember for good, timely hitting by Arizona, or excellent infield defense by Milwaukee, though both teams pitched a quality game. Special kudos to Valverde and Bruney, who pitched three shut-out innings, combining for seven K's. This followed up yet another fine outing from Vargas, who is looking more and more like a decent pickup: six shutout innings, though he seemed to pitch almost constantly with runners on base.

Offense? Two hits for Gonzo. Two for Tracy. McCracken's triple. And that was it. We shall move rapidly on, and note that the Padres finally snapped their streak of losses in the bottom of the ninth innings last night, to keep us three games back.

G-Force Homer Watch
[At-bats by the G-Force since their last home run]

  • Collectively: 122 at-bats [since Glaus, 6th innings, 15th July]
  • Troy Glaus: 36 [6th innings, 15th July]
  • Shawn Green: 41 [6th innings, 15th July]
  • Luis Gonzalez: 56 [9th innings, 7th July]

Heroes and Zeroes, Series 33: vs. Brewers, on road
Vargas: 6 IP, 6 H, 1 BB, 0 ER, 6 K
Valverde: 2 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 5 K
Webb: 6 IP, 8 HH, 1 BB, 4 ER, 4 K
Green: 2-for-12, 0 BB, 0 RBI, 7 LOB, 1 K
Gonzalez: 2-for-12, 0 BB, 0 RBI, 7 LOB, 4 K

As William K noted in the comments, in what is perhaps the biggest news of the year, Conor Jackson has been called up, with Jose Cruz Jr. being designated for assignment. It's an interesting move, with some ramifications, not least in that we're losing an outfielder and gaining a first baseman - unless they're going to put Jackson back in the outfield again, where he played in the minors, but I very much doubt that, as he was a corner infielder in college.

If dumping Cruz was the end of things, it would have made more sense to call up Carlos Quentin. So what it does suggest, is that a trade for one or other of Clark and Tracy would now seem highly likely, in order to get Jackson playing. It seems unlikely they've brought him up in order to ride the pine, so room must be made.

The current plan involves Green in CF, Tracy in RF, and a Jackson/Clark platoon at 1B, but that hardly seems sustainable; Green hasn't seen much action there since 1998. I think we'll see Terrero against lefties and - I can hardly believe I'm writing this - as a late-innings defensive replacement. At least until the trade deadline this weekend, at least, when I now firmly expect to see us clearing the decks.

Opinion seems divided on who will be dispatched. But AndyNY worries for Jackson: "Are they calling him up to get him ready to take over 1B for the Dbacks, or to showcase him for a (gasp, wretch) last-minute trade?" The phrase "doomsday scenario" comes to mind... :-( We'll know this is the case if we hear a crashing sound from BOB between now and Sunday, because that'll be scouting director Mike Rizzo hurling himself through a window.

The logical thing to do would be to trade Clark - whose value is never likely to be higher - but I've heard rumours we may be trying to get him to sign a one-year extension. This would tie in with what Ken Rosenthal says, "Tracy, drawing significant trade interest, could bring back pitching, and the Mets, Astros and Red Sox are among the clubs that could use him," but believes that won't happen during the season.

All of a sudden, the expected calm waters as we sailed towards the trading deadline, are now looking more than a little choppily interesting...