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Gameday Thread, #103: 7/27 vs. Brewers

Vargas (3-5, 5.81)
Ohka (6-5, 4.05)

Looks like Glaus is back in the lineup today; McCracken gets the start in CF. It's a game we really need to win; we simply can't expect the Padres to keep losing - though recently that's been about as reliable as the sun setting in the West.

Vargas goes to the mound; he's been a reliable go-to guy recently, effective at stopping the rot, but that may perhaps partly be because he's been following Webb in the rotation which, sad to say, recently gives plenty of opportunities for rot-stopping.

We face Ohka - I'd like to provide the 100% guaranteed secret to face him, but unfortunately, I've run out of time. ;-) First pitch ahoy!