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Gameday Thread, #102: 7/26 vs. Brewers

Webb (8-7, 4.03)
Capuano (11-6, 3.80)

Webb has finally emerged from the bathroom, probably vowing never to drink again. Or perhaps that's just me. ;-) At one stage it looked like Dustin Nippert was going to get the call from Double-A - with the emergency apparently over, normal service can be resumed.

It can hardly have been much help to Webb, however, who has been far from at his best in July with a 7.46 ERA, and no wins to his name since June 23rd. Indeed, over the past two months, his record is a worrying 2-7, but his last three starts have been especially poor: 18.1 IP, 27 H, 6 BB, 17 ER.

He faces Diamondbacks alumnus Chris Capuano, who leads the Brewers in wins and, much like John Patterson in Washington has blossomed since moving from the desert to cooler climes. His peripheral stats haven't improved all that much - he's still allowing about a hit per innings, and about 3.5 BB/9 - yet he's keeping the ERA down below 4.00.

And, whaddya know, I might actually get to watch most of the game, rather than relying on the Net or radio. Got a couple of errands to run first, but after that, I'll be free to comment. Whether I'll want to, depends largely on whether Webb pitches better than of late.