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Gameday Thread, #101: 7/24 vs. Brewers

Gosling (0-2, 4.50)
Sheets (5-7, 3.51)

On the road again, this series against the Brewers - with the slumping Padres facing the NL-best Cardinals, this should represent a chance to make up some more ground. Today, however, might not be the day. The Brewers have virtually the same record as us, but we face Ben Sheets, possibly the best pitcher on a sub-.500 team in baseball.

It should have been Brandon Webb pitching for us, but he has come down with something nasty - likely caught off Chris Snyder - and so has been pushed back (he hasn't even flown out with the team). He may start tomorrow, but even that isn't certain. Gosling, who was skipped over for his last outing on Thursday, takes the mound instead, and if the wheels are going to fall off his 1.80 ERA as a starter, this game could be where it happens.