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Gameday Thread, #100: 7/23 vs. Braves

Ramirez (8-5, 4.62)
Vazquez (8-9, 4.50)

We reach three figures today, and with the knowledge that the Padres have already lost - again - have another chance to pull closer to them.

No Counsell in the line-up today; Cintron starts at 2nd base instead, with Clayton in the lead-off spot. Terrero gets the start in center field, which is a good sign, despite McCracken's recent revelation that the piece of wood you carry to the plate is not merely for decorative purposes.

Ramirez vs. Vazquez. At the risk of provoking a groan, I wish this one started a couple of hours earlier. Why? Because then it'd be "EZ like Sunday morning..." Thank you. Don't forget to tip your wait staff. I'll be here all week. ;-)