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Gameday Thread, #94: 7/17 vs. Padres

Halsey (5-7, 4.26)
Stauffer (3-4, 4.55)

From all manner of hope after the 6-0 opening victory, we're now stuck with trying to salvage a split of the series. A defeat would make Arizona 7 1/2 games back, leaving us with a mountain to climb.

We face Stauffer, another pitcher whom no-one on the roster has ever seen before, so going by past performance, we'll likely struggle. Mind you, none of the Padres have got more than four at-bats against Halsey either, so things should level out, on that basis at least.

Stinnett gets the start at catcher, while Terrero gives Cruz a break in centerfield. The Padres go with Eric Young leading off rather than Dave Roberts; they expect to have Loretta and Nevin back for their next game, so this is our last change to take advantage. Mind you, the way Damian Jackson has played, not sure they'll be better off.

One other thing to look for today. If Glaus has an at-bat with RISP, it'll be his 100th of the season. If he doesn't get a hit, his average will be exactly .200...