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Gameday Thread, #92: 7/15 vs. Padres

Webb (8-6, 3.57)
Williams (5-5, 4.10)

Will last night's victory set the tone for the second half? Or does that one swallow not make a summer? We should see tonight, and the result will likely be decided by how well Brandon Webb bounces back after the grand-slam he surrendered last time out. Giles (.318) has had most success against Webb for the Padres, but the likes of Klesko (.188) and Burroughs (.158) won't be looking forward to this.

We face Woody Williams, who hasn't been quite the anticipated force for San Diego they'd like. Don't be surprised to see Counsell sitting out this one, with a career .147 average (5-for-34) against Williams; Gonzo isn't much better (.184, 7-for-38). At the other end both Green and - of all people - McCracken are hitting over .300 with double-digit at-bats.

A win tonight would seal a split at the very least, which would already surpass expectations. However, it seems the Padres' ship is no less rocky than anyone else's in the NL West - heck, at this rate, it might not all be over when/if Bonds comes back, and that could make for an interesting September. Of course, all this would likely lead to, is being swept in the playoffs by the Braves.

Attention tonight might be directed elsewhere; the Lancaster Jethawks, with Stephen Drew, are over in Rancho Cucamonga [which must be one of the finest placenames this side of Ouagadougou or Woomera], taking on the Quakes and the other 2004 draft holdout, Jered Weaver. I'm not sure which game, if any, Weaver is scheduled to start, but peering into my crystal ball, this could foreshadow a match-up in the 2010 All-Star Game...