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Gameday Thread, #59: 6/7 vs. Twins

Radke (5-4, 3.73)
Estes (4-4, 4.16)

Interleague play starts up again, with the Twins visiting BOB. I always have a soft-spot for Minnesota. As I think I've mentioned previously, they were my team before the D'backs existed, and I think they've done just as good a job as Oakland of staying competitive despite a small budget.

If there's one thing we won't be getting to see this series, it's many walks by the Twins pitchers. Radke, tonight's starter, has a K/BB ratio of a mind-boggling 16.67 - he's fanned fifty hitters, and walked only three. In 82 innings. He's also lasted six innings or more every start this year, a contrast to Shaun Estes who last reached seven frames back in April. Edge to the Twins in this pitching match-up, I think.

However, the Twins roster has a total of 19 career at-bats against Estes, while a lot of our players have had decent success against Radke: all the G-Force and Clark are averaging over .300, with Cruz and Clayton also above .280. Let's just hope our hot hitters - Gonzalez and Clark - can bring home some of their recent success as a souvenir of the road trip. The last homestand wasn't much to write home about; here's to better things during this series and the next. Let's win one for Mr. Upton! :-)