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Gameday Thread, #58: 6/6 vs. Phillies

Webb (6-2, 3.20)
Lidle (5-3, 3.88)

The D'backs are reeling, as they have now lost five in a row, and are only three games over .500. This is their first real challenge of the year, and they turn to Webb to try and stop the bleeding. Webb, however, has lost his last two starts, after opening the season 6-0. The Phillies, on a charge as much as Arizona has slumped, counter with Lidle.

Not many D'backs have history against him - only three have more than handful of at-bats. Surprisingly, Clayton (5-for-16) has the best record; Cruz is 3-for-16, but that's still better than Counsell, who is hitless in ten at-bats. Might be a day to sit Craig. The two Phillie Jims, Rollins and Thome, are both hitting over .400 against Webb.

And after this, it's back to BOB and games that start at civilized hours. Thank heavens...