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Gameday Thread, #57: 6/5 vs. Phillies

Halsey (4-2, 2.98)
Wolf (5-4, 4.57)

Is it too early to start muttering "Rookie of the Year" about Halsey? ERA as a starter is all the way down at 2.89, and he's shown admirable poise. Even after his worst start of the season in Coors, he's bounced back - since then, he's thrown 20 innings in three starts, and allowed two earned runs, and only two walks.

Clint Barmes and his .322 batting average would seem the a viable candidate on the hitting front, but that's badly Coors-inflated - he's only hitting .255 away from Denver. Chris Young of Texas might be another possibility, and he has the gaudy K and Win totals voters seem entranced by - 51 strikeouts in 65.1 innings, and a 5-2 record. But, for my money, Halsey has been the best.

On the other hand, Wolf has been disappointing so far this season, with opposing hitters batting .298 against him. Primarily a fly-ball pitcher, he throws a big curveball and good changeup, relying on command more than power. He's a leftie, so don't be surprised to see some of Shawn ".178" Green, Chad ".214" Tracy or Jose ".188" Cruz Jr. getting the day off.

Please note: this is for Sunday morning's game. See below for the threads about today's double-header.