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Gameday Thread, #56: 6/4 vs. Phillies

Ortiz (4-4, 5.68)
Myers (4-3, 2.06)

Let's play two! Or, better yet, three. For with today's afternoon/evening double-header, and tomorrow morning's game [all times AZ], the Diamondbacks will be playing three games in 24 hours. Tough for them, but at least they get paid millions to do it. What about us poor bloggers? Especially those with, y'know, day jobs? Er, like me.

Which is in the nature of a plea for tolerance, since things will likely get a little off-centre here between now and Tuesday. East-coast games are good, in that early starts give me a chance to watch some action before work, but bad in that they usually mean I'm writing a report on one game after the next one has already started. Or, in this case, I'll be writing up (the postponed) #55, while #57 is under way.

And in the middle, we also have #56, and it's time once more for our flesh to start crawling, as Russ 'The Hitman' Ortiz shambles to the mound. And, hey, he and Myers have won the same number of games, so they must be equally good, right? Yeah. That's it. Making this a toss-up, that could go either way. And if you believe that, I've also got a veteran right-fielder with proven RBI abilities to trade.

Expect GameDay Thread #57 to follow shortly, since my next opportunity to write anything will be tomorrow morning, with the game already under way.