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Gameday Thread, #78: 6/28 vs. Giants

Schmidt (5-3, 4.83)
Halsey (4-6, 4.23)

Hang on: weren't we here last week? I know it's summer and rerun season, but wasn't it only on Wednesday that Schmidt faced Halsey? Well, as long as there's a happy ending tonight: I seem to recall the previous game was closer to a re-make of Land of the Dead, starring the Arizona hitters as zombies.

It was 4-0 to SF on that occasion - and that was also the last time the Giants won. Since then, they've lost four straight, and been outscored 33-8, including that 16-0 drubbing to finish off the Gridlock Series against Oakland [hey, New York has a Subway Series and LA a Freeway Series - if you've ever tried to drive in SF, you'll know what I mean!]

But Schmidt is back on the mound tonight, and whatever you can say about the rest of the Giants rotation...or bullpen...or offense...or management, he is never an easy mark. Let's hope he goes for dinner at Filiberto's and suffers the intestinal consequences later. Nothing life-threatening, of course, just enough to throw him off his game.

Green is the only D'back with a good record against Schmidt (.452 with 3 HR in 31 ABs). Tracy is next at .278 - perhaps another start in left? - but after that, it's a steady drop to Counsell's .163 (7-for-43) and Clayton's .136 (3-for-22). Expect Cintron (.242) to replace one or either of those two.

It's comforting to realise that we're not the only team reduced to combing the waiver wire for cast-offs. In our case it's has-been relievers, but the Giants picked up Alex Sanchez for their roster. I can only presume they thought that having a grumpy steroid-user playing the outfield would foster a sense of familiarity among the other players...

I'll likely be watching a good chunk of the game, but at The Sets, so won't be able to comment much. I would be neither surprised - nor, really, too concerned - to lose the opening game tonight. Of course, it'd be nice to lay the smackdown on Schmidt like we did to Bonderman, but I can't say I'm expecting it.