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AZ 1, Tigers 5 - The Douglass-t Laugh's On Us

Record: 38-38. Change on last season: +11

I guess that's what I get for making fun of Douglass in yesterday's preview. He allows one run over six innings, and kept Detroit in the game unti Vazquez allowed four runs in the seventh, to provide all the final margin victory. That's me told.

I'm wondering if there's something screwed up with our advance scouting, because that's the third time this year we've struggled badly, when a team has thrown up a debutant or spot starter. See also JP Howell of Kansas (five innings, four hits, 8 K's), and Derek Thompson of LA (up from Double-A, five innings, two hits) - now, add Douglass and his four hit, one run performance over six innings last night.

That run came off the bat of Jose Cruz who, as mentioned, had a good track record against Douglass, and gave us a 1-0 lead through five. For Vazquez was initially very sharp, permitting just three hits, all singles, to that point. A very nice defensive grab robbed Glaus of a homer in the bottom of the sixth, after the Tigers had tied it, and that seemed to turn the tide.

Detroit suddenly realised how to hit Vazquez, putting together a string of hits, aided by our having to play the infield in on a couple of occasions. Said Inge, "I don't think he deserved to get five runs off him, but that's baseball sometimes. Good pitchers get hit," and Tigers manager Alan Trammell concurred, "Sometimes you've got to be fortunate." It's probably karmic payback for getting the better of that controversial umpiring call yesterday.

McCracken got a late start: Gonzalez heard, just after batting practice, that his stepfather had died, so he left the park immediately. McCracken went 0-for-4. but had a great grab in left field which, being honest, Gonzo likely wouldn't have reached. Cruz had two hits, but nobody else managed anything to speak of. About the only other bright point was the continued success of our bullpen, who once again put zeroes up, albeit in a meaningless cause.

Thanks to William K, Devin, and a particular tip of the hat to icecoldmo, for covering the game. Strike 9? I think some of our hitters might appreciate that. Of course, as recently as 1879, there were nine balls in a walk. Good job that's not the case now, or games would last five days, like in cricket. ;-)

Gonzalez has to miss at least three games and less than seven, after being put on the bereavement list. We called up Matt Kata from Tucson as coverage, but I don't expect him to get much playing time. And with that, I have to go to work again. No rest for, employed...