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Gameday Thread, #77: 6/26 vs. Tigers

Bonderman (9-4, 3.68)
Vargas (1-4, 9.59)

Had a BBQ at the house last night, since two of the local comedians are heading off to LA for fame and fortune - or possibly drug-addiction and destitution, we're not sure. As a result of this, and subsequent hanging around, chatting and drinking, I got to bed at 5am; it's been a long time since I've seen dawn from that end!

Which is all in the way of an explanation as to why Sunday's preview is going up before Saturday's report - game time is in about twenty minutes, and getting closer with each word. By now, I was hoping to have this series tucked in our pocket, but instead, our fate largely hangs on the performance of Vargas. This is not a comforting thought.

I presume Gonzo will still be on bereavement leave, so we'll likely see McCracken playing; perhaps, just perhaps, Hairston might start in center. Because it was somewhat disturbing to look at the stats yesterday, and realise that even after going 0-for-2, Vazquez still had a better batting average than half our starting lineup...