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Gameday Thread, #76: 6/25 vs. Tigers

Douglass (0-0, 0.00)
Vazquez (7-5, 4.45)

This one should be a blowout: we've got our staff ace, going up against a 26-year old pitcher making his first major-league start for his team. And yet, I feel uncomfortable, because we've faced a couple of situations like this in 2005 already, and have come out looking less than stellar. So Douglasss might not do too badly.

Vazquezz pitched the end of the series in Detroit, and came out with a five hitter in a 1-0 victory. The way our offense has been going, he'll need to be pretty good again, but I'm optimistic about that. I think Jose Cruzzz might be back in the lineup too, since he's the only D'back with any hits off Douglassss - and he's 6-for-12.

I think it's likely that Douglasssss will only go five innings at most, so it's important for the Diamondbacks to take advantage of any early opportunities. He's 9-1 with a 2.87 ERA in Triple-A, but Douglassssss's major-league record is much less impressive: 2-8, 6.51. He pitched against AZ back in 2002, throwing two scoreless innings while with Baltimore, but of course, Luis Gonzalezzzz is the only one who might remember that

I'll go with Vazquezzzzz to beat Douglasssssss, but take the under on total runs tonight.