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Gameday Thread, #72: 6/21 vs. Giants

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Vargas (0-4, 10.18)
Tomko (5-8, 4.55)

I wonder if we'd have been better off signing Alberto Vargas rather than Claudio; at least then, we'd have someone to whip up a quick sketch for embarrassing an inept outfielder, rather than pinning a pic of Darth Vader to his locker. On the other hand, Alberto has been dead for over twenty years - though this would likely not prevent him from being better than, say, Matt Herges and Kerry Ligtenberg.

But it's Claudio who goes to the mound, and we have to ask why: he's the only guy in the majors with 20+ innings and a double-digit ERA. What do I and those pesky stats know: according to Melvin, "He's got a good fastball, a sharp slider. It's about pitching enough to where he can command everything and feel good about where he's throwing the ball." I'm not sure what Melvin means by "enough" - unless it's the point where AZ fans start screaming it.

Even though I'll likely have the opportunity, enthusiasm for watching this game is slim at best. There are many alternatives, such as the season-opener for Rescue Me: I know that's not on until 10pm, but given the glacial pace of yesterday's game, I doubt this'll be over by then.

And if I do watch it, I'll likely end up hurling things - furniture, pets, offspring - at the screen, as Glaus grounds out with a runner on third to end the innings. Again. I think this may tie in with being under .500 for the first time since the opening week; the fall from grace may have been expected, but that doesn't make it any more pleasant when it occurs.

Oh, who am I trying to kid. I'll be there, albeit more in hope than expectation that we can turn this ship around and steam back to the Land of .500. Since this one has "big loss" tattooed on its forehead, here's something to keep you interested: the duel between Gonzalez and Tracy for the best BA on the team. If Tracy gets a hit in his first AB, and Gonzo doesn't, they'll be effectively tied at .299 - Luis will edge it by a few thousandths. Tracy's hitting .353 over the past week, Gonzalez only .250. Take your entertainment where you can...