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Gameday Thread, #71: 6/20 vs. Giants

Vazquez (7-4, 4.30)
Lowry (3-6, 5.59)

Boy, was that a interesting burst of interleague play. We start off by murdering the team with the best record in baseball for two games; then we get clobbered for ten runs in an innings, two days in a row; and finish up with our offense evaporating.

No word on Glaus as yet; if he doesn't play, expect Tracy to go across to third, while Clark gets the start at first. Over the past week, those two have hit .311 with 10 RBIs combined, so the impact should hopefully not be too great.

Vazquez takes the mound, and should have the advantage over former wunderkind Noah Lowry. Well, he's only 24 so while the kind part still holds true, he hasn't produced a quality start this month. His overall June line is 15.1 IP, 22 H, 6 BB, 11 ER, but Lowry has struck out seven his last two appearances.

Despite recent struggles, the Diamondbacks still have the best intra-division record in the NL West, and we face our rivals over ten of the next thirteen games. AZ likely has the edge in the first and last games (Vazquez and Webb), but with Vargas and Halsey sandwiched in the middle, a 2-2 split would be my prediction. To achieve that, however, a winning start for us tonight is very important.

And pay respect to our fellow members of the "We Suck In June" club, over at McCovey Chronicles