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Gameday Thread, #70: 6/19 vs. Cleveland

Estes (5-4, 4.08)
Westbrook (3-9, 4.79)

Apologies for connection issues yesterday afternoon, which I'd like to think are responsible for the lack of comments from anyone, unless we were all hiding from the ten-run inning goblins. Should be okay now, so you've got no excuse - I hope to join you myself later on... Hey, take a quick look at the time of this post, then estimate the chances of me getting up for a 10 am start. Yeah: Slim, meet Jack. ;-)

Estes faces Westbrook, as we try and avoid the sweep. Shawn was fabulous in his last start, and has quietly been a pleasant surprise this season. However, our offensive avalanche appeared to grind to a halt yesterday, and only one run might not be enough for Estes. That statement of the bleedin' obvious is brought to you by the number 8 - the number of career shutouts Estes has had since his debut in 1995. The last one was 47 starts ago, back in his final appearance of 2003. Guess he's about due then?

More on yesterday's game later, along with Ortiz going on the DL. I'm warming up both the Injury Threat meter and the sarcasm for that...