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Gameday Thread, #69: 6/18 vs. Cleveland

Webb (7-2, 3.24)
Elarton (3-2, 5.14)

Yesterday's prediction - Cleveland by three - would have been spot on the mark, if only it hadn't been for those four pesky unearned runs. Today, I expect the game to be much closer: indeed, I'm going to stick my neck out and call it as a one-run victory for AZ. Though this isn't really much of a stretch: Cleveland is tied for the AL lead in one-run games (27 so far), Arizona leads the NL (25).

The Indians have won seven in a row now - either this means it's about time they lost, or they're on a roll and are going to be hard to beat. This one should hopefully see us with the edge in pitching, as Elarton has been little to write home about this season. Webb was excellent last start against Kansas, and we could do with something similar to stop the bleeding. Or, at least, stop the ten-run innings. Please?

Rumours have been heard that Brandon Medders is being called up from Tucson; not had official confirmation, but if that is the case, imagine Herges is a likely candidate to be sent down. He's failed to get the job done in almost every appearance so far. At least Medders has a potential future with the club.