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Gameday Thread, #68: 6/17 vs. Cleveland

Halsey (4-4, 3.91)
Lee (7-3, 3.09)

It's comforting to think that Chicago should have been the hardest part of the road-trip, up against the team with the best record in baseball. However, the Indians have won six in a row and have certainly been among the best over the past month or so: 17-7 since May 21, and swept the Dodgers earlier in the week.

Lee is turning out to be their staff ace, and we've had trouble against almost every left-handed hitter we've faced. Lefties are hitting more than sixty-points higher off Lee, so don't be surprised if Green is "rested" today, though his current hotness may mean he has to play anyway.

The wheels have fallen off Halsey lately, with six runs allowed in each of his past couple of starts. He's been working with pitching coach Mark Davis to try and iron out some kinks in his mechanics, though he still has the second-best ERA of the rotation. A rebound is due, but I suspect it might not quite be enough. My prediction? Cleveland by three.

And see Let's Go Tribe for the home team's opinion.