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Gameday Thread, #67: 6/15 vs. White Sox

Ortiz (4-5, 5.45)
Garland (10-2, 3.23)

Wednesday = "watch the whole game" day. Though in this case, more out of unrealistic hope, than any genuine belief a victory is likely. The Sox play their ace, who used to play for the Cubs, until they traded him...for meaningless bullpen help down the stretch, Joe Jr. please note. Garland is tied for the AL lead in wins.

Arizona doesn't so much counter, as surrender - we send up our joker. At least, that's what people said when we signed Ortiz to a 4-year, $33m contract: "You must be joking!" He's been winless in his last four starts, most recently the bullpen blowing an eight-run lead for him, but given his career tendency to win despite mediocrity, he can't complain about that.

However, he has at least gone seven innings his past couple of outings, and if our hitters can continue their current form - batting .312 in the series so far, blasting six homers and scoring 18 runs in two games - who knows? No point tinkering with a winning team, so we're likely to see the same lineup. Cintron's wrist is still tender, but he should be available to pinch-hit if necessary.